Rubrik has posted a blog post regarding this event that can be found here. The key takeaway from this information is that no production systems have been breached based on the Rubrik investigation. Their breached system is a non-production test system and is not customer impacting.

Rubrik is continuing its forensic analysis to determine what may have been compromised and that no sensitive information was included in the breach. Some customer names, business contact info, and some purchase orders may have been included.

Assured’s direct and via-partner customers are protected from this risk as our customers are generally served as anonymized numbers in the Rubrik system and not called out by name. Assured also does not leverage the software specific to the exploy from Fortra called GoAnywhere.

We’ve been in direct contact with our security liaison at Rubrik and any change in status will be articulated to our customers as we become aware of it.

— Andrew Eva / Assured Data Protection, CTO (Americas)

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