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UPDATED 8/16/2022

Deal Registration Terms and Conditions

The Assured Data Protection (Assured) deal registration program is an opportunity-based registration program that provides partners, who uncover new end user sales opportunities for Assured Data Protection solutions, to receive special discounts available on qualifying transactions (the “Program”).

Registration on Assured Data Protection Partner Portal

New opportunities registered by an Assured partner (on behalf of a partner) must be submitted using the Assured Data Protection online deal registration form on the Assured Data Protection Partner Portal. Deal registration is permitted only for a specific opportunity within an account; an account or company may not be registered.


Assured Data Protection’s channel team is responsible for the approval or rejection of all deal registrations submitted through the Assured Data Protection Partner Portal and will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond within 48 business hours of its receipt. Approval or rejection of a deal registration submission will be made at the sole discretion of Assured Data Protection and Assured Data Protection does not guarantee the success or closure of any registered deals approved under this program.

Upon acceptance of a submitted opportunity, the applicable opportunity shall be considered registered for the purposes of the Program. An email will be sent to the partner upon receipt of the registered deal

Registration Rejection

For example, if the opportunity has already been registered by another partner; or the deal registration submission is incorrect or incomplete; or the partner is not in good financial standing with Assured Data Protection; or if the customer and Assured Data Protection have previously been or are concurrently in material discussion regarding purchase of solution. The customer listed on the deal registration must be willing to work with the registered partner. A deal registration will also be rejected or terminated if the customer submits in direct writing to Assured Data Protection that they are not able to work with the registered partner. Registration may also be rejected or terminated for failure to conduct a meeting with the prospect within fifteen (15) business days of the registration submission date requirement.

Eligible Opportunities

Upon submitting a deal through the registration process, Assured Data Protection expects that the submitting partner is offering/proposing Assured Data Protection’s offerings as the preferred solution to the end-user customer and has an established relationship with the end user.


An approved deal registration will be effective for 90 days from the date of acceptance unless an extension is requested and approved by the applicable Assured Data Protection sales team. Failure to obtain an extension will result in ‘unregistering’ of the opportunity and elimination of any preferred discounting previously offered by Assured Data Protection. Deal registration extensions will be made at the sole discretion of Assured Data Protection.

Deal Registration Rules of Engagement

Partners agree to represent Assured Data Protection’s interests above all other competitive solutions in registered deals. Partners also agree that by representing direct competitors of Assured Data Protection to their clients for the same registered opportunity, Assured Data Protection reserves the right to cancel the deal registration at any time with no repercussions, even if deal registration has prior approval.

Partners may not discuss the details of the Program with any customers or use details of the Program to influence a customer to purchase from one partner over another.

Program Changes

Assured Data Protection reserves the right to modify the Program terms and conditions at any time or to terminate the Program without notice.

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